The following technical service bulletins are by the Filter Manufacturers Council. All documents are in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


Lube Filters

Bulletin # Subject
TSB 04-1

Automotive Gasoline Engine Oil & Oil Filter Service Intervals

TSB 98-1

Extended Oil Drain Intervals

TSB 04-2R1

ISO Updates to Multi-pass Oil Filter Test Procedures

TSB 89-5R3

The Micron Rating for Media in Fluid Filters

TSB 00-2

New Generation Cartridge Style Oil Filters

TSB 83-1R2

Over Pressurized Lube Oil Filters

TSB 94-3R1

Spin-On Filter Threads

TSB 99-3R1

Universal Oil Filter Installation Symbols


Cartridge Oil Filter Installation Tips

Fuel Filters

Bulletin # Subject
TSB 95-1R1

Diesel Fuel Contamination and Fuel Filter Plugging

TSB 84-1R2

Passenger Car and Light Truck Fuel Filters

TSB 91-1R3

Solving Winter Diesel Fuel / Fuel Filter Problems

TSB 94-6R1

Suction / Vacuum Side Fuel Filters

Air Filters

Bulletin # Subject
TSB 04-3

Air Filter Micron Rating v. Life and Efficiency Ratings

TSB 89-4R1

Inner Air Elements Their Purpose and Function

TSB 00-1

Introduction to Cabin Air Filters Their Purpose, Design and Function

TSB 97-3R2

Radial Seal Air Filter Design

TSB 89-3R3

Servicing Heavy-Duty Air Filter Elements


Bulletin # Subject
TSB 97-7

Automatic Transmission Filter O-Rings and Lip Seals

TSB 97-1R1

Hydraulic Filter Performance Criteria

TSB 96-3R1

Hydraulic Filtration and Contamination

TSB 96-1

Hydraulic Systems

TSB 97-6

Non Serviceable Transmission Filters

TSB 98-2

Transmission Fluid Evacuation Service

TSB 98-3

Transmission Pan Gaskets and Installation Procedures


Bulletin # Subject
TSB 94-4R1

Compression Gaskets: Their Function, Styles & Installation

TSB 89-1R2

Coolant Leaks into Engine Oil

TSB 05-1

Crankcase Ventilation Filtration Systems for Diesel Engines

TSB 88-3R2

Diagnosing Engine Oil Filters With Collapsed Center Tubes

TSB 96-2R1

Diagnosing Hydraulic Filters with Collapsed Center Tubes

TSB 97-5

Filter Cross Referencing and Interchangeability

TSB 02-2

Filtration Media

TSB 99-1R2

Gasket Displacement

TSB 97-8R1

The Impact of Dents on Canister Filters

TSB 89-2R2

Incorrect Flow Direction

TSB 84-3R3

Light Duty Diesel Engine Service

TSB 83-2R2

Low Oil Pressure Problem

TSB 94-7R10

Management of Used Oil Filters

TSB 85-1R2

Manufacturers' Warranty

TSB 94-2R1

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)

TSB 94-1

Automotive Oil Changes Intervals: Severe vs. Normal Driving

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